Zoho Books review: Accounting Software for Small Businesses


Zoho book is a user friendly accounting, time tracking and invoicing software.

Zoho is an easy to use online accounting software, mainly designed for small business, freelancer and home-based business.  Zoho book is integrates closely with Zoho CRM, Paypal, Razorpay, Enterless, Slack, Dropbox, OneDrive, Everone etc.

Why Zoho Books is considered the best?


Small business don’t need high priced accounting softwares, neither need they to hire an Accountant for this work. Zoho Books covers all basic features that a small business needs. Tracking expenses, syncing bank details, create report, create multiple invoices and send them, thats even through a mobile. Other companies do provide such apps but zoho is best at it’s low price for it’s capablities.

It also provides a bunch of accounting tools that helps to grow your business. Although similar software provider companies claim the same, but the thing which makes Zoho Books shine out is the low price for its capabilities.


Based on my research on internet, I found many users saying that Zoho Books is an easy accounting software, even for the most small business owners.

Zoho books have one of the most simple and user friendly dashboard. Making our tasks super easy, with a clean layout. The dashboard offers a glance to your business financial perfomance in a plesant way. Dashboard includes overdue amounts, cash-flow charts, bank accounts, total payables and much more.

To try zoho books by yourself, signup for 14 days free trial (no credit card required), you can get more details by attending their live webinars and YouTube channel.


Accounting a headche and time consuming work for a business. Zoho Books work on single principle- to help small business by saving time and money by automation of work.

Zoho Books can help you to get faster paid on online payments, you can connect it with PayPal, Authorize and 2Checkout, so clients can pay online faster. This results into a hazzle-free and convenient way of payments.

By automation of the most of the tasks of accounting, it allows you to spend more time on your business and less time on the tasks that could take hours if done manually.


The best thing about Zoho Books is its customer service, they provide email and 24-hour phone (5 days in week in U.S., U.K., and India). Calling Zoho, you would be greeted with menus regarding sales, tech and billing, so you know where you are.


Like others accounting softwares, Zoho has mobile app, so you can use it anywhere. Thats what makes Zoho different from others because there are no limits in app.

The mobile app is available for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can send out your quotes, track time for your projects and also get critical information about your business on the dashboard of your iOS, Android or Windows device using Zoho app. Zoho also offers customer relationship management CRM software, email tools and social media marketing tools with some productivity tools.

Hope you find above information useful. Do share your views below.

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  1. Platinumtaxation says

    I think that having an accounting software that exists in the cloud is awesome. I also love that it makes documents look professional and personal. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Nashir says

    Especially mobile apps i like so much, easy to use.

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Thanks Nashir

  3. Elias Nystuen says

    Hello, I used Zoho as my email extension, I love storing my files using its cloud. It’s very safe to use. Thank you for sharing your blog to us.

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Thanks Elias, Keep coming
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  4. Heroshima says

    Great post !
    Thanks a lot for this amazing post !
    love your blog !

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Thanks Heroshima.. Keep coming
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