Wrongly filled your tax returns? simple steps to correct it

Steps for filing Rectification request


Wrongly filled your tax returns? Here are the step by step guide on how to file a rectification request for the wrongly filed ITR form. In case if you have furnished wrong information like mismatch in your tax credit, or your gender mentioned incorrectly, or any additional details not submitted for capital gains at the time of filing returns, no need to worry. 

You can revise your returns within 1 year from the end of the assessment year and submit again. So, for example – if you have already filed your return for financial year 2016-17 (FY17) before the due date, 31 July 2017, but want to make modifications, you can file a revised return till 31 March 2019.

 Wrongly filled your tax return?

5 simple steps to file Rectification:

Step 1: Visit Income tax e-filing website and LOGIN with your credentials. Then click “E-file” tab  and click Rectification.

Step 2: Select the Assessment Year for which Rectification is to be e-Filed.

Step 3: Enter Latest Communication Reference Number (For eg: If an order has been passed by CPC on 15 October 2015 and another order has been passed on 25th December 2015, the assessee can e-File ONLY using the latest i.e. 25th December, 2015 order.)  

Step 3: Click submit.

Step 4: Select the correct ‘Rectification Request type’ from the drop down menu

Taxpayer Correcting Data for Tax Credit mismatch only:  Under this option, three check-boxes will be displayed like IT, TCS, TDS. You need to select the
correct checkbox for which data needs to be corrected. Details regarding these fields will be
pre-filled from the ITR filed. 
No upload of an Income Tax Return is required.

Taxpayer is correcting the Data in Rectification: Under this option, select your correct reason for data rectification and upload XML and Digital Signature Certificate, if available and applicable.

No further Data Correction required. Reprocess the case: Under this option, three checkboxes will be displayed like Tax Credit mismatch, Gender mismatch, Tax or Interest mismatch are displayed. You need to select the appropriate check-box for which re-processing is required. User can view their Tax Credit Mismatch details by clicking on “Click here to view Tax Credit Mismatch details” button. 

Step 5 – Finally click the ‘Submit’ button.

Important points to remember in Rectification Request for Income Tax Return
  • On successful submission, an Acknowledgment number will be generated and sent for processing to CPC, Bangalore.
  • Ensure you quote the correct CPC number and select the correct Assessment Year.
  • CPC will either accept or reject your rectification request.
  • The rectification request can be withdrawn within 1 week time if submitted by mistake or the request needs to be amended. Visit Income tax e-filing website and LOGIN. Then click –> My Account –> ‘Rectification status’ to withdraw the Rectification.
  • The Bank Account details mentioned in the original ITR will be considered for any refund and not the bank account mentioned in the Rectified Income Tax Return.
  • A rectification should not be filed for any change in your income. Instead, a revised return should be filed for this.
  • Only one rectification allowed for an assessment year unless the original Rectification Return is withdrawn or processed.

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