What is MintCoins and How to make money with MintCoins app?

MintCoins review


It’s not that hard to earn money anymore, if you have an Android smartphone then you can earn a few bucks easily. In this article, you will find some easy and quick way to earn real money with an app called Mintcoins alias Earn Free Cash or Make Money app.

There are quite a few legitimate apps today that pay you for doing simple tasks like downloading apps, watching videos or completing a survey. MintCoins app is one such app. 

MintCoins app review

In this app you just have to click on some ads or watch few videos and you get paid for that each time. This app is really addictive because you can really earn some bucks without doing much stuffs.

How to download Mintcoins App?

Download the app called Earn Free Cash or Make Money from Google Play Store. 

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With this app, you can easily make money by completing simple offers such as downloading free apps, watching video advertisement, completing a survey etc.


How to Start Earning Money with Mintcoins App?

Once it is downloaded, register with your email address.

Here are 5 ways to earn money with this app

1. By downloading free apps and paid apps

2. By registering on free and paid websites

3. Complete simple surveys

4. Watch video ads

5. Refer your friends and earn $0.25 for each friend

Points to remember

1. The minimum amount to redeem is only $1 

2. Redeem earned money via Paypal

3. With paid website and paid apps, you make extra money.

4. The developers of MintCoins is currently working on introducing Gift Cards from Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, Xbox, Macy, Mobile accessories, Prepaid Calling Cards and more.


Final Words

First of all, MintCoins app is legit. If you have a big group then this app is perfect for you. MintCoins won’t make you rich or make enough to cover your big bills. But you can make a good amount of pocket change. It would definitely be worth trying this app since it doesn’t cost anything.

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Thanks for reading. Now it’s your turn, let me know your views and reviews about this app! you can also comment below if you face any problem.

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