Various ways to withdraw your PF money (Online and Offline)

With the introduction of UAN, process of withdrawal of PF is easy and hassle free


In case if you are facing any kind of monetary emergency in your life, then your hard-earned PF can be helpful. Many people think that they can’t withdraw funds from their PF while still being in the job, but according to the latest changes in PF policies one can withdraw funds from his/her PF account in case of emergencies.

For withdrawing funds from your PF account, you need to fill a withdrawal form and submit it to your nearest EPF (Employees provident fund) office. You can get this form from your employer or you can download it from You will receive funds within 3 months of filling and submitting the application form.

There are two ways to withdraw your PF money:

1: PF withdrawal through universal account number (UAN).

Universal account number is a unique code given to an employee by EPF authority and it remains same even if you switch between your jobs. With UAN, you can directly apply for withdrawal of your PF even without a signature from your employer. But, if you are not having this number then you need to get your form signed by your employer before submitting. 

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2: By submitting your withdrawal application at your nearest PF office.

This is simple and contemporary method all you need is to get a form from EPF office, fill it and submit it to your nearest provident fund office. But, it requires verification thus you have to get your form attested by any gazetted officer, bank manager or anyone who is having authority to attest. Note: You may be asked about the reason for direct withdrawal, so, don’t forget to state a valid reason. Secondly, you have to attach your employment letter with the form.

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Withdrawal of PF in case you don’t want to get your form signed by your employer.

Many times, it feels quite awkward to get your form singed by your previous employer, so provident fund officers have made the process easier for those employees who had switched their jobs and are unwilling to visit their previous workplace. Now you have your own portal with a unique UAN no., which can be linked with your Aadhar card and bank account. You won’t believe that how these changes had made it easier and quick to access your PF funds. Even if your UAN is not linked with your Aadhar then too you can avail this benefit.

Process of withdrawal if your Aadhaar Card is linked with your UAN            

This is a super easy process, all you need is an activated UAN linked with your Aadhar card and an Aadhar verified salary account. If you have all this then you can submit your withdrawal form even without getting signature of your previous boss. 

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For withdrawing your PF, you need to visit EPFO website and download any of the 3 available forms like:-

  • Form 19 for making complete withdrawal of your PF.
  • Form 31 for having partial advance withdrawal from your PF.
  • Form 10C for making withdrawals from pension benefits.

You need to mention your name, registered mobile number, address, PAN number and other details on your form. Always remember to enter details as per your Aadhar card, Bank account and UAN.

  • Submit a cancelled cheque in favor of EPFO as a proof of your account number and then you can submit your form and the cheque to your concerned EPF office.
  • You have to be very careful while filling your form because any discrepancies in the form may lead to disapproval.

Process of withdrawal if your Aadhaar Card is not linked with your UAN     

  • Even if your Aadhar card is not linked with your UAN, then also you can withdraw your PF without getting your form signed by your previous employer.
  • For this, you have to download your concerned form and fill it with utmost care.
  • Get it attested by any person who is eligible for attestation as per rule. Make sure to get a signature and stamp on every page.
  • Mention a valid and straightforward reason for your application for direct withdrawal.
  • Then attach a security bond of 100 rupees along with copies of you appointment letter, you ID as an employee and your previous pay slips.
  • Submit your form at EPF office along with an address and identity proof.

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