Various ways to e-verify your income tax return

Simple steps to verify your tax return


After filing your income tax return, you have to verify your ITR (Income Tax Return).

Your income tax return will be valid only after it is verified.

There are two options here, neither you can e-verify or you can send a signed copy of the ITR-V over ordinary post.

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We recommend you to e-verify your return as this is easiest and fastest way to verify your tax returns.

Now there are many ways to e-verify your returns and it is very convenient, fast & secure.

1. e-verify your tax return through net banking

Login your net banking account and click on the “income tax e-filing” option and you will be redirected to the income tax site.

Finally click on the e-verify link on the income tax page to successfully verify your returns. Now your return is verified successfully and you don’t have to send the physical form.

2. e-verify your tax return through ATM

The income tax department also allows e-verification using Bank ATMs.

To use this facility, swipe your ATM card and you will see the option ‘PIN for e-filing’. Select that option to receive the EVC on your registered mobile number.

After that, Login to income tax e-Filing portal and select the option to “e-verify return using ATM”. Finally enter the received EVC (Electronic Verification Code) to successfully verify your returns.

3. e-verify your tax return through Aadhaar OTP

Login to income tax efiling website, Link your Aadhaar Number with PAN (if is not linked before).

Once you linked, Click e-Verify link on the screen and select “e-Verify return using Aadhaar OTP” option.

You will receive an EVC on your registered mobile number and email. Enter this EVC to verify your return.

4. e-verify your tax return through registered Mobile Number and Email

Login to income tax efiling website, click the tab “e-file” and select ‘Generate EVC’ to get a 10-digit code EVC on your registered email and mobile number. Next, click the same “e-file” tab and choose “e-verify return”.

Now enter this EVC code by choosing the first option ‘I already have an EVC to e-verify my return’.

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For all above options, a confirmation message will be displayed with a transaction ID and EVC code. No further action is required as your e-verify is successfully verified.

Hope you find above information useful. Do share your views below.

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