Ultimate Guide: How to Make Money by Selling eBooks on Amazon

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I have written and sold 124 eBooks on Amazon.

Naturally, awesome bloggers ask me for advice on how to make money selling eBooks on Amazon. Some rocking bloggers even ask me to write guest posts on said topic 🙂

Like any online endeavor, making money through selling eBooks on Amazon is a skill you develop over months and years.

I wrote 1000 words or more daily for many years to get my writing skills to where they are today.

Put in the writing time and you can:

  • Develop a steady passive income stream
  • Establish your expertise
  • Reach a global market
  • Brand yourself powerfully
  • Have loads of fun

All through writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon.

Note; the medium through which you can submit your eBook is:


Let’s dive into the tips!

How to Make Money by Selling eBooks on Amazon

1. Follow Your Passion AKA Don’t Write eBooks Just to Make Money

If you are writing eBooks for Amazon just to make money the eBooks will be crap.

But if you follow your passion you lay the foundation for a successful eBook.

I wanted to weed out folks who clicked through to this post who are simply profit hungry entrepreneurs who believe that Amazon is a cash cow.

It is; but only for passionate authors who follow these tips.

2. Write What You Know

I am blessed. Instead of trudging through heavy, strained, time-consuming research I wrote what I knew, diving quickly into the blogging tips niche.

I view my eBooks more like pillar-style posts in Kindle format than anything else.

Write what you know to gain confidence in your writing, to get clear on your offering and to do the requisite light research that you usually do without getting bogged down in long, stressful due diligence.

Writing what you know helps you:

  • Write a higher volume of eBooks which increases your income potential (some folks have purchased all 124 of my eBooks on Amazon; no joke!)
  • Establish your expertise in 1 or 2 niches
  • Stray a bit from your established niches to experiment with other areas, where you can add some more passive side income
  • Sell with confidence

I only write what I know. I let go what I do not know.

Devoting my eBook writing energies to my expert niches boosted my sales far more quickly than if I tried to tackle alien topics.

Pick a title that addresses a pain point in your niche.

Create an outline.

Write the eBook one chapter at a time.

Link in to all prior eBooks you wrote at the end of the eBook.

Proof-read the eBook.

Hire a web designer to create the cover.

Submit to Amazon via a Word document saved as a filtered (.html extension) document.

Receive approval, and dive in to the other tips.

3. Short and Sweet Rings the Register

People want bite-sized eBooks, not the next War and Peace.

Although some authors have success writing whoppers it makes sense to create a short, sweet, digestible eBook, especially for most blogging niches.

Example; would you really want to sit there to read a 70,000 word blogging tips eBook? Didn’t think so. Most folks have a tough time reading a 6,000 word, pillar style post. This crowd sure won’t plunk down 3 or 4 bucks for a long-winded, heavy, lengthy eBook.

People are reading via Kindle, or their laptop, or mobile device and want a fast, robust, helpful read.

I sell 30-45 minute reads. Doing A-OK on sales because short and sweet rings the cyber cash register.

4. Give it Away for 1 Day (or 5 Days)

Give your eBooks away for 1-5 days on Amazon.

Boost downloads. Increase your exposure. Get more glowing reviews. Be generous.

Giving away your eBook for free can help you generate hundreds to thousands of downloads which leads to present day and future eBook sales.

I prefer to do a 1 day free giveaway to create a major league marketing blitz. This boosts sales. Big-time. Since readers have only 24 hours to snag your eBook.

You can set up a free giveaway through your KDP Select backoffice.

5. Grow Your List and Build Your Blog

This one screwed me up for a while. I felt just writing a helpful, practical eBook and giving it away for 1 day would land me on the bestseller list.

Boy was I wrong.

I saw guys like Steve Scott making $30,000 USD monthly through Kindle eBooks. He killed it. In a good way. His eBooks rocked but I also learned the guy had a 100,000 subscriber email list.

You can do everything right with your eBook but building a targeted, engaged list and building your blog on the fundamentals of solving problems and connecting with leaders is the way to go for the big eBooks bucks.

I spiked my eBook sales by getting darn serious about list-building, guest posting and building friendships with big dogs in the blogging tips niche.

Your Turn

Are you having a tough time selling eBooks on Amazon?

Buy my eBook to learn how to create and publish a successful eBook:

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About the Author:

Ryan Biddulph is a successful blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chows Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

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