Top 6 Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2018

Health insurance provides risk coverage for individual persons against expenditure caused by any unforeseen medical emergencies


Modern life style and changing food habits have paved way for many new kinds of diseases. People who are hale and healthy today fall in the Intensive Care Unit all of a sudden the next day. Handling such emergency situations that are usually expensive becomes tough due to lack of required Finance. Health Insurance plans come in handy during such situations which cause concern. Let us look at Top 6 Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2018.

Importance of health insurance including its tax benefits

Before venturing into specific Health Insurance Plans, let us have a detailed look at the importance of the same.

  • Taking health Insurance helps us to manage medical emergencies in a smart manner
  • When you take a Health Insurance, you can avail Tax exemption under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  • The cashless facility offered by Health Insurance Plans acts as a boon to many who have cash crunch
  • Health Insurance plans offer the chance to get the best of the Medical treatment for any ailment
  • Many Health Insurance Plans help the insured cover pre hospitalization, ambulance and other charges incidental to the actual ailments
  • Having a Health Insurance Plan helps handle large expenses that need to be incurred for critical ailments in an easy manner


Top 6 Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2018

1. Apollo Munich

‘Optima’ is the name of the Health Insurance Plan offered by Apollo Munich.

  • A maximum of 6 family members can be covered under the Optima Health Insurance Plan at any point of time
  • While the minimum sum assured is 3 Lakhs rupees, the maximum under the plan is 15 Lakhs.
  • One of the best features of ‘Optima’ is that it reinstates the sum assured to the fullest extent when the same is exhausted before the policy term ends
  • In the case of hospitalization, the Daily Cash Benefit is offered to the insured under this plan

2. Max Bupa Health Companion

The Health Insurance Plan offered by Max Bupa is popularly known as ‘Heart Beat’. It is a Family Floater Insurance Plan offering coverage to a maximum of 13 members under one single policy. This is one of those policies that offer coverage for maternity and new born babies also.

  • Under this Health Insurance Plan the minimum sum assured is 2 Lakhs and maximum is 50 Lakhs
  • Any new born baby falls under the coverage of this plan right from his 1st day
  • This policy supports treatments that fall under domiciliary and organ transplant category
  • The Direct Claim Settlement option that can be availed without TPA intervention is one of the best features the policy offers to the insured

3. HDFC ERGO Suraksha Policy

‘Suraksha Policy’ is the name of the Health Insurance Plan floated by HDFC Ergo. 

  • HDFC Ergo Health Policy offers the choice for the insured to choose a one year or two year policy term
  • This policy offers the user option to choose either an Individual or Family Plan
  • ‘Suraksha Policy’ does not have any sub limits set on the Hospital expenses, Doctor Fees and Hospital Room rents during hospitalization

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4. IFFCO Tokio

Family Health Protector Policy is the name of the Health Insurance Plan offered by IFFCO Tokio.

  • This is an end to end comprehensive Health Insurance plan that offers cover to all expenses incurred towards Hospitalization, Organ transplantation, Surgery and treatment.
  • All relations related to the prime insurer can be covered under this Medical Insurance Plan irrespective of the relationship shared with them

5. Religare Care Health Insurance

‘Care’ is the name of the Health Insurance plan offered by Religare Health Insurance. This plan offers coverage to people who fall in the age group of 91 days to any age without any upper limits.

  • The minimum sum assured under this plan is 2 Lacs while the maximum is 60 Lakhs
  • Based on the claims made during the previous years, the NCB (No claim Bonus) ranges between 50% and 150%
  • Ambulance expenses incurred towards hospitalization also gets covered under this plan
  • Free health checkups every year is another key offering of Religare Health Insurance
  • When the policy term is 2 years, a discount of 7.5% is offered to the insured

6. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance

iHealth is the name of the Medical Health Plan offered by ICICI Lombard.

  • The minimum sum assured for individual coverage is 3 Lakhs and for the complete family is 2 Lakhs
  • The maximum sum assured in both cases is 10 Lakhs
  • The minimum eligible age limit to be covered under this policy is 3 months in the case of a Family policy and 6 years in the case of Individual policy
  • The term period under this policy can either be 1 or 2 years and is given as a choice for the insurer to choose

The above information provided are just basic guidelines pertaining to some of the best Health Insurance Plans of 2018 in India.  Choose the best plan the suits your requirements based on the benefits you target to avail from the same.

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