Top 5 personal finance apps in India 2017


Setting a budget is the most difficult task for an individual as expenses come in the form of food, entertainment, housing, travel, etc. Setting a budget is another task and managing it is another and when both combined, it can make the individual go totally confused.

There are thousands of financial apps available on Google Play store and Apple store, but every app is not worth a try.

Managing the expenses is not an easy task, and it doesn’t come everyone easily. Maintaining the cash outflow to desired things and places with a limit would. Have been very easy if each and every individual could afford an accountant. Well everybody can’t afford an account, but they do possess smartphones.



I have made a list of top 5 Android apps for financial purpose which will help you to organize your personal finance and also setting up your budget.


Here is a list of top 5 personal finance applications in no particular order.




Humans are social animals. When you socialize, at some point you tend to lend or borrow things. In this reference, we are talking about money. The IOU (short for I Owe You) application is designed in such a way that it allows its users to keep a track on their money investments. It provides with the facility of maintaining a record of things which he/she has borrowed from someone or lend to someone. It tracks all the lending and borrowings made, marks the payoff date, the amount the individual has already paid (like in debt) and sets email reminders to make sure that the individual doesn’t forget to pay off the debts or the borrowed money.

Download and Install from Google Play store and Apple store

Financial calculator

The calculation of taxes, the credit card bills and the EMIs are the biggest challenges and require all those formulas we learnt in the 9th standard. Financial calculator application for a smartphone is the best application for any difficult financial calculation. Financial calculator is provided with the features like investment calculation, compound interest calculator, TVM, mortgage calculator and much more. One additional feature added to this application is the retirement calculator which allows calculating the retirement savings. Also, it comes with the basic currency calculator, discount calculator and tip calculator.

Download and Install from Google Play store 

MTrakr was developed keeping in mind that everybody can’t afford an accountant. MTrakr acts as your personal accountant and maintains a record of all your credit and debit card details, bank accounts and loans. MTrakr is configured with the text messages you receive from the banks and other financial institutions to keep a track on all the transactions made. It provides with the facility of storing and organizing all your utility bills and receipts. The thing which makes it different from other financial applications is that it keeps track of even those tiny expenses which can’t be tracked through SMSs.

Download and Install from Google Play store

Money lover

Money lover is another smartphone application used by many individuals for keeping track of their personal finances and transaction records. It is a very organized application which allows the user to keep records on their finances according to the categories. Like if you have spent money on movies, amusement parks, etc. It will come under the entertainment section. Like this, there are several categories made for money spent on food, grocery, utility bills, etc. Whenever your budget exceeds the mark it has been set to, it will send you a reminder and even tells you about skipping unwanted expenses if possible.

Download and Install from Google Play store and Apple store

AndroMoney ( Expense Track )

AndroMoney is yet another personal finance application developed for the individuals who wish to keep track on their personal accounts. It maintains a record of every penny spent and automatically categorizes every transaction made. It is one step advanced as it provides the users with stats and charts like Trend, Pie and Bar charts for Expense and Cash Flow to help them in reducing unnecessary spending. It supports multiple devices including Android, iOS and web.

Download and Install from Google Play store and Apple store


So these are my hand-picked 5 personal finance apps that you can use to manage your money in your mobile devices. Well, here are few more apps that will also help you:

If you know any interesting and useful Personal Finance app which helps to manage your finance and budgeting better, please let me know about it in the comment section below. 

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  1. Suman Gayen says

    In my opinion, Moneyview is a very good app by which you can track the expenses easily. Take a look on that.