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Simple Steps to rent out your Apartment with Airbnb and Earn Easy Cash


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In the world of smartphones and apps, there are a lot of ways to make extra money without leaving your day job. In this post, we will see the Simple Steps to rent out your Apartment with Airbnb Earn Easy Cash.

Airbnb website and app is a great way to earn extra money by renting your extra room, entire house or even spare apartment to the travelers.

This short term renting service can be a good way to make some money by allowing someone to stay in your house and they will pay you some good amount as rent for that.

Currently, more than 2.9 million properties in over 34,000 cities are registered in Airbnb. And it is growing every day.

Advantages of renting out in Airbnb

  • Free to signup and free to list your space.
  • You can contact the guest directly through Airbnb’s chat and start getting to know each other.
  • Airbnb provides ₹6,00,00,000 as Host Guarantee insurance for accidental damage
  • No need to worry about money, Airbnb acts as an intermediary between you and guests to collect the money when the time of booking, then transfers it to you after the guest check-in.
  • Not able to fix a good rate for your space, Don’t worry. Airbnb will provide an estimated price for your property. This estimate price is based on your location, season, demand etc. but final pricing will be completely decided by you.

Simple Steps to rent out your Apartment with Airbnb

  • Setup an account for Airbnb and confirm your Mobile number.
  • Go to homepage.
  • Select ‘Host a home’ under ‘Become a Host’ tab in upper right corner.
  • Specify space details – List the amenities and describe your space accurately.
  • Specify, how many guests your place can accommodate and specify your bathroom [shared or separate].
  • Now fill your location details including listing of all nearby attractions & activities.
  • Post atleast 5-10 quality pictures of your space
  • Set price details per night.
  • Fill overview of list of ammonites and space.

Now you are ready to go.

Things to keep in mind as an Airbnb host

First of all, you have to choose when you have to give your space on rent, also you have to decide what will be the rates. 

Then you have to clean your space and remove extra stuffs from there and then you have to click some photographs in proper light to make everything visible. When you describe your space in the site, think like an outsider visitor and write those needs perfectly to make your listing better, make sure you mention somethings like public transport, how it is in night, cultural activities etc.

Airbnb will charge something between 6% to 12% as service fees once the reservation is completed. You can check exact amount under “Transaction History”.

Airbnb will also charge around 3% from the guest for using the service on their site which will be taken from the reservation subtotal.

Over to you

If you have got the space to rent out and the time to spare, listing your space on Airbnb can be worth doing it. Just make sure you have good customer service skills to deal with the occasional dissatisfied guest.

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