Simple steps to get your free CIBIL Credit Report online


Recently, RBI has directed all the Credit Information companies to provide a free annual Credit Report to all its customers. Your credit score is one of the first checks that a Bank or a lending institution does when they are assessing any loan application. It is always advisable to check your credit score before applying any loans in India. The higher is your credit score, the chances are higher of your loan application getting approved.

A Credit Report contain all your credit details like home loans, personal loans, credit cards, automobile loans, etc.

Do you know how to get your free credit report and credit score online? Read on.

Simple steps to get your free CIBIL Credit Report online

Step 1:

a) Existing members of CIBIL can login by visiting Next, click “My Account” tab and select ‘Get Free Score & Report’.

b) New users can visit to, and fill your personal details like Email, Date of Birth, Gender and you PAN card.

Step 2:

On the next screen, you will get a pop-up message to select CIBIL subscription and free CIBIL report. Here, you can click on “no thanks” (bottom right) option to continue with your application.

Step 3:

Now your CIBIL logon is created and the Login credentials will be sent your registered email ID.

Step 4:

Next, visit the and login using your email ID with the password sent by CIBIL. On the next screen, you will be asked to change the password to access your account.

Step 5:

Once you login in your account, you can find your Credit Score displayed on the top right side of the welcome page.

You can check your complete Credit Report under VIEW REPORT tab including your personal information, contact information, employment information, account information (you can find all your loan details here including credit cards) and all your enquiry information.

IMPORTANT: You can check all your historical credit data under Account information tab. You can also raise a dispute if you don’t agree with any credit data that is given under Account information.

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