SBI Mingle App review


After the demonetization storm, a lot of things around us changed – less availability of cash, and long queues outside ATM’s etc. This has led to a paradigm shift from cash to cards and from cards to e-wallets. We’ve seen a big rise in e-wallet usage in recent times.

Popular e-wallets like Paytm and freecharge have seen a whopping rise in its users and these brought a considerable change to the way we did our transactions earlier and many users were finding alternative ways to carry out their transactions now.

Many modes of payment have arrived and this even lead to the creation of a new payment system that’s the UPI (United payments interface). Also read: Everything about UPI

SBI Mingle App review

SBI now has come up with a new interactive app, which allows users to connect with each other and to carry out transactions without using any beneficiary details. The app is called as “SBI Mingle”. They call this as social media banking platform app and it is mainly for Facebook and Twitter users.

With SBI Mingle, you can do a host of banking services like checking balance, blocking ATM debt card, finding nearest ATMs, requesting for checkbooks, requesting mini statements etc. using Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We’ve been using this app for the past few days and we can say that it has got the potential to use it as an alternative payment option. The best part of this app is it is available for both iOS and Android users. The Mingle app has got some pretty interesting features which facilitate easy banking. It has also got features to carry out bank transactions with social media friends and mobile contacts.

Important features, we loved in SBI Mingle

1) SBI ATM Locator:

This is one of the interesting features we’ve used in this app. It allows the user to locate the nearest SBI ATMs to withdraw cash.

2) Pay a Facebook friend or phone contact:

Another useful feature is that you can authorize this app with Facebook and pay directly from your bank account to your FB friends. Yes, it also syncs your contacts as well. The best part is that the payment is instant and direct, without going through the hassle of entering all the bank details.

3) Wish friends on their birthdays:

As the app connects with both Facebook and your phone book, it allows the app to read important details such as the birthday of the person. If you cannot attend the person’s birthday due to any reason, you can send them gifts directly from Mingle.

4) Locating Merchants:

This app allows the user to locate merchants and shops through the app and allows the user to pay them directly from their SBI account.

5) One-click intuitive features:

In case if your card is lost by any chance, then you can block the card by just clicking the “block card” button. With a single click, it’ll block the card. Similarly, it has got other handy features such as balance checking or mini statement. All this at just the click of a button.

It has got other useful features such as splitting the bill among your friends in a restaurant and sharing events with your friends to make it easier to collect/pay money.

Overall, we’re in love with this app and you should install this too!

If you have got an SBI account, then signup and make your payments a lot easier with SBI Mingle app.

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