5 simple steps to redeem your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points as Cash


Credit card cash back offers are very popular among consumers now and most of the credit card offers electronic cashback where the consumers can use this money for future spending.

redeem hdfc credit card points for cash

But some credit card offers actual cash for the reward points. 

Who doesn’t like getting actual cash for their spending?

5 simple steps to Redeem HDFC credit card Reward Points as Cash

Step 1: Download the Redemption form here

Step 2: Fill your Credit card number.

Step 3: Fill the number of rewards points needs to be converted as cash

Step 4: Put your signature and date.

Step 5: Mail this form to

HDFC Rewards Helpdesk,
HDFC Bank Cards Division,
P.O.Box No.8654,
Thiruvanmiyur, P.O.,

Important points to remember:

1. To process this cash back request, you must have minimum of 500 Reward Points in your credit card account.

2. Within HDFC credit cards, this cash back offer is available only for the following cards – HDFC Titanium Edge, HDFC Platinum Edge, HDFC MoneyBack, HDFC Solitaire, HDFC Business MoneyBack credit cards.

3. For Titanium Edge card the cash back conversion ratio is 1 Reward point is equal to Rs 0.25.

4. For the remaining cards the conversation ratio is 1 Reward point is equal to Rs. 0.30.

5. Cashback will be credited within 10 working days from the date of receipt.

6. Signature should match with your Bank’s record.

7. You can also drop this Redemption form at your nearest HDFC ATM drop box.


Have you used any of these cards? Do add your experience as comments below.

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