5 personal finance apps to easily track your finances


Tracking your daily finances is quite a tricky job – as we are mostly busy in our daily schedule, but managing your personal finance is the basic foundation of money management. 

5 personal finance apps to easily track your finances

Now, with technology and apps – managing your personal finance is much more convenient, affordable and you can carry with you at all times.

We have listed below best personal finance apps that will always help you in updating your personal finances and budgeting. 

5 personal finance apps to easily track your finances

1. Moneywise

This apps main purpose is to keep track of all your financials and to help you understand your financial understanding from time to time. The look of the application is a bit like old school but it is one of the applications that can be very helpful to you.

With this application you can register all your expenses at a time. You can transfer easily all your from your iphone and andriod phone to your computer and import to any spreadsheet in excel. This is the only application that supports tagging transaction with labels and you can also structure your spending by assigning new category every time.

2. Financisto – Expense Manager

This is a best application for accounting and it is also a open source personal finance manager; you can access your current transaction details by just tapping on the home screen. By this application you can also transfer your money from one account to another for accounting purposes and you can also record your transaction under a single page. You can add multiple accounts with different currencies, rearrange categories, incomes, expenses and it also supports cloud-backup.

3. Easy Money

Easy Money is an app that has a very rich interface and also an inbuilt keyboard interface for users to key in numbers for their transactions.  You can also amend your settings for upcoming bills (and also overdue ones) and for screen your budget need you can also colour-code your financial details.

Easy Money also lets you conduct split transactions. You can set the total amount at a time and then can start with splitting one category at a time, till your full bill doesn’t get settled.

4. AndroMoney Expense Track Money

If you want to track your money on your android version phones, laptop and PC you can try this application Andro Money. You can transfer your data to a CSV file which can access on Microsoft Excel or Google Drive by just tapping on the screen few times. You can also audit your account anytime on your Web browser once you get into Google doc.

5. CWMoney Expense Track

This is a finance management android and easily manages your expenses, income and money. You can use its speech recognition icon to dictate text (with the help of a correction window), all within a simple page for Income, Expenses and Report. You can also easily save your transaction and proceed to record another one without having to open the page again. If you are in a hurry in maintaining records with remarks you can use the inbuilt speech recognition will be very helpful for you.

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