How to Open a Bank Account in DigiBank DPS app?

Simple steps to open your Digibank account


DigiBank DPS app

In today’s fast-paced world, where Internet access is common to every person. It’s only fair to say that most of our daily activities have been possible with the help of the Internet. Now, you can access your bank details, make payments, pay bills or deposits right from the comforts of your bedroom through your smartphone.

open bank account digibank dps app

While there is a wide range of banks offering mobile banking facilities, such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI, etc. a pioneer amongst these is The Development Bank of Singapore, commonly known as the DBS Bank.

You may ask, why DBS? This is because DBS Bank lets you open an account with their DigiBank App at 0 (Zero) balance. Apart from that, they provide a lot of other features that make the application all the more lovable.

What is the DigiBank App?

DBS Bank’s DigiBank is India’s first paperless, signatureless and branchless app. The DigiBank App is an online Banking service provided by DBS Bank to cater to all your banking needs from a simple and user-friendly mobile application that brings the bank right to your fingertips.

Not only is it user-friendly, the DigiBank App also provides high safety standards. Coming from Singapore’s best, Asia’s safest bank DBS, Citibank inherits the state-of-the-art safety technology that’s way better than OTP’s.

Features of DigiBank App

In addition to an improved layout and 24X7 online assistance, the DigiBank app, brought to you By DBS Bank, provides these exciting features:

  • Fingerprint Login: You can alternatively also login to the app using the fingerprint sensor (if any) on your phone.
  • DigiBank offers a 7% interest rate with unlimited and free ATM withdrawals at any bank ATM
  • Instantly apply for a new credit card or additional savings account.
  • Get personalized market research and investment insights at your fingertips.
  • Zero paperwork involved.
  • Login and view all your accounts in a single dashboard.
  • Make transfers, pay bills or remit funds overseas.
  • Pay any local credit card or overseas visa card bills.
  • Stay updated with real-time exchange rates.

All you need is any mobile device with iOS7.0 or higher (For Apple) or V4.2 or higher (For Android).

Simply Download the DBS DigiBank app from the Google play store or Apple Store.

How to Open Your DBS Account in 5 minutes?

Follow the following steps, and in under five minutes you will have your very own DBS DigiBank Account:

  • Download and install the DigiBank app on your smartphone.
  • Open the DigiBank app and click “Open digibank E-wallet” option.
  • After setting up a username and password, fill up your basic details and complete one time authentication (OTP) process.
  • Log in with your Username and Password.
  • Access your DigiBank E-wallet: The DigiBank E-wallet is your one-stop source for all your Banking functions. It allows you to instantaneously get access to a Visa Virtual Debit Card that lets you shop online (don’t forget to add funds to your account first), you can also get cashback on your purchases.
  • To convert your DigiBank Account into a DigiSavings Accounts: Simply click the ‘Open DigiSavings’ option, and it will redirect you to a form wherein you’d have to state your Aadhaar card and Pan Card details. Finally you will get a Reference Number, you need to share this reference number before bio-metric verification.
  • After filling the paperless online form for a DigiSavings account, a DBS representative will visit you at your selected date and time to take your fingerprint impression (bio-metric verification) as an authorization step for account opening.

Once your bio-metric is success, you will have your own DigiBank Account.

Why open a DBS Bank Account?

The perks DBS provides is unlike any other Banking firms.

Benefits such as 7% interest, right from Re. 1 in your savings, unlimited free ATM withdrawals at any bank ATM and low account balance charges. The fact that it has been approved by the RBI makes it all the more lucrative to use.

In a world that is digitized, DBS is your one stop solution for keeping and being at par with it.

What is your view about DPS Digibank app? Do share your experience in the comment section.

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