How you can make partial withdrawals from your NPS account

3 situations when you can withdraw money from your NPS


With the new NPS rules, you are allowed to make withdraw for specific emergencies like Children higher education, Purchase or Construction of first house and treatment of 13 specified illnesses for self, spouse, children and dependent parents.

NPS is a retirement product and one needs to contribute till the age of 60 years with a minimum contribution of Rs. 1,000 per year

Documents required for NPS partial withdrawal

Rules: Partial withdrawals from your NPS account

In this post, we shall see how to make partial withdrawals from your NPS account.

The Common rule for all subscribers is, at the age of 60 years – He/She needs to invest minimum 40% of the maturity corpus in annuity scheme and can with draw remaining amount as lump sum.

Annuity is a pension product that gives you periodic income or pension. Currently seven companies provides Annuity services to NPS subscribers.

Partial withdrawal option allowed only after 10 years of being in NPS.

You can withdraw only 3 times during the NPS tenure.

You need to maintain at-least 5 years gap between 2 withdrawals unless it is a medical emergency.

You can withdraw up to 25% of contributions.

  • Partial withdrawal are allowed only in certain cases, like your children’s higher education, marriage (including legally adopted children), first house construction or certain medical emergencies.
  • NPS partial withdrawal can allowed only on the principal amount and not on total NPS balance including the interest earned.
  • Also, NPS withdrawals can be made in the form of ‘repayable advances’ after completing 15 years of service. One can withdraw 50% under this scheme in the event of emergencies and critical illnesses.

Documents required for NPS partial withdrawal

  • Children higher education: Copy of Admission letter with fee details.
  • Children marriage: Simple self-declaration form is enough. 
  • Purchase or Construction of house: Copy of the residential house or flat title documents, approved plan, letter from the housing finance bank and self-declaration form.
  • Treatment of 13 specified illnesses: Certificate from the doctor or hospital for the treatment of critical illness for self, spouse, children including legally adopted and dependent parents.

How to submit a partial withdrawal claim from NPS account?

NPS subscribers need to submit the NPS withdrawal form with all required documents. This application must be submitted to the nearest PFRDA, POP or POP-SP. You can also request this NPS withdrawal form by sending an email to or Once the NPS withdraw request is submitted, you can check its status under the menu ‘Exit Withdrawal Request’ by logging into website.

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