Lost Your PAN Card? Paperless PAN application through e-KYC / e-Sign

Paperless PAN application through e-KYC / e-Sign


PAN card is the most essential document now; it is used for filing tax returns, to open a bank account, to buy/sell a vehicle and most importantly it is accepted as valid proof of identity anywhere in India.

Given its use, losing your PAN card can leave you feeling stressed and restless. Now you can get your new PAN card as easy of a click of a button that too paperless.

Few important instructions to know for paperless PAN application

  • Aadhaar is mandatory to avail paperless e-KYC / e-Sign Services. Most importantly, details provided in Aadhaar should be exactly matched with your existing PAN card. Details like applicant’s Full name, Date of Birth and Gender as mentioned in this application form to authenticate Aadhaar.
  • If your Aadhaar Authentication has failed, you cannot proceed with e-KYC (paperless). Then you can go with e-Sign Service, where you need to upload photograph, sign and supporting document as per prescribed format.
  • Once authentication of Aadhaar is successful then OTP will be sent to your mobile number linked with your Aadhaar to generate Aadhaar Based e-Sign.
  • In e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless), no need to upload your Photograph, Sign and supporting documents. The photograph used in Aadhaar would be printed in the new PAN card.
  • e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless) is not available for Minor applicants and other categories of applicants as provided u/s 160 of Income-tax Act, 1961 where Representative Assessee is appointed by the applicant.

Paperless PAN application through e-KYC / e-Sign

Step 1 : Open the NSDL Website (https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com/paam/endUserRegisterContact.html)

Step 2: This is the Online PAN application home page. Here, under Application Type, you must choose “Changes or Correction in existing PAN data / Reprint of PAN card (No changes in existing PAN)” to get a duplicate PAN card.

Note: This link can be used for other options also such as application for a new PAN for Indian Citizen and application for a new PAN for Foreign Citizen. The applicant must choose the option which is applicable to him.

Step 3: Select the Appropriate category from the right side Drop down Menu

Step 4: Fill up your basic information under “Applicant information” like Title, Name, DOB, Email and Mobile number carefully and click submit.

Step 5: On the next screen, a temporary Token Number will be displayed. This is a unique 10 digit number. Note down this number and click below button to fill remaining PAN application form.

Step 6: You have three options to submit your PAN application documents;

  • Submit digitally through e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless)
  • Submit scanned images through e-Sign [In this option – you need to upload your Photograph, signature and supporting document as per prescribed format]
  • Forward PAN application documents physically [Sending print out application with supporting documents to NSDL by post]

Step 7: Next fill up your existing PAN, Aadhaar and complete personal details including your Father or Mother’s name

Step 8: Next screen, fill up your Address of communication [Important: You can’t change your personal details including residence address if you choose “e-KYC” in the previous screen and your new PAN card will be dispatched to the Aadhaar address].

Step 9: Next, fill up the declaration and finally submit the form

Now, you will directed to online payment option. The application fee is Rs. 112.75, including service tax, for persons residing in India. This amount can be paid through Demand draft, credit cards, debit cards or Net banking. All these forms of payment attract a small bank charge above the fee payable.

The paperless PAN application steps are simple and self-explanatory in the NSDL website. There are sufficient guidelines and a list of Do’s and Don’ts in the NSDL website which will guide you in every step of the PAN card application process.

This is the Procedure of ‘Paperless PAN application through e-KYC / e-Sign’. If you have any doubts regarding the same, you can leave your comments below.

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  1. Divakar Singh says

    sir ye kitne din me ban jata hai aur kitne din me milta hai

  2. Ramya says


    I wanted to know if we have to post the application to the aadhar office in case of e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless) option? Or will it be completely online only?

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      No, it is completely online and no need to send the application under “Submit digitally through e-KYC and e-sign (Paperless)” option.

  3. Ambili v nair says

    If we use e-kyc method, is it possible to get acknowledgment number….how can we trace or track our application…i used e-kyc method and successfully submitted…whats is the next step…just wait or need to submit any more?

    1. Ramya says

      I wanted to know if we have post the application once the payment is done?

    2. Ram says

      Same here. What did you do. i have just applied

    3. Mohammad Ali says

      You will get a “Temporary Token Number”, using this you can trace the application status on the below website (registered User)