Instructions for filling Form 12BB to claim tax deduction

Form 12BB to declare your Income Tax Investment


The new Form 12BB is for all salaried taxpayers to claim tax deductions.

How to fill FORM 12BB

Previously there was no standard format for salaried employees to furnish their IT declaration to their employers in respect to their investment or expenditure proofs.

But now salaried employees can declare all their investment details to their employers in a single form – FORM 12BB.

FORM 12BB will act as a common form that you can use to claim tax deduction on LTA (Leave Travel Allowance), HRA  (House Rent Allowance), Interest paid on home loans under section 24 and also can be used to declare your investments under section 80.

Instructions for filling Form 12BB to claim tax deduction

How to fill FORM 12BB

1. Basic information:

The first part to fill in Form 12BB is your basic information’s like name, address, PAN number and the financial year.

2. House Rent Allowance (HRA):

Under this part of form 12BB, you can claim any HRA tax deductions. You need to mention your landlord’s Name and Address along with Rent amount paid to the landlord. Landlord’s PAN card number needs to be mentioned if rent paid during the previous year exceeds Rs. 1 lakh.

Remember: Along with this new form 12BB you will need to provide your relevant rent receipts for this deduction.

3. Leave travel allowance (LTA):

Similarly, for claiming tax deduction on leave travel allowance or leave travel concession (LTA/LTC), the new rule makes it mandatory you to furnish travel amount and submit evidence of expenses made towards your travel to your employer.

Remember: Now it is mandatory to provide all your travel expenses proof in the form of receipts for you to claim LTA or LTC.

4. Deduction of interest on borrowing:

In new FORM 12BB, you need to mention the details like interest amount paid to the lender, name and address of the lender including bank or non-banking financial company (NBFC), and PAN number of the lender.

Remember: For claiming deduction of interest on home loan, you need to submit the interest certificate along with Form 12BB. 

5. Deductions under Chapter VI-A

In this section, you can mention all your allowable deductions under Section 80C, Section 80CCC, Section 80CCD as well as other sections like 80E, 80G and 80TTA which come under Chapter VI-A of Income Tax Act.

Remember: You need to fill and provide details and proof of your investments and expenditures incurred related to the relevant section that you are seeking deductions for. 

Hope you find above information useful. Do share your views below.

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  1. Suresh says

    Good article. very informative. I have a question related to section 4.

    If a person has second home loan from a different lender, how to add those details.

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Hello Suresh, you can use online form 12bb generator to create a manual form.

  2. Shah Nomaan says

    It is quit amazing informative site .. and i read a beautiful content on you site.
    Thank you for sharing info..

  3. manju says

    according to new 12bb form wherye we need to furnish lic premium paid,Eg if LTA and medical is already is already calculated by company and crediting to salary how we need to show in 12bb form.

    Please help me fill the form.

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Hi Manju, All Life insurance polices qualifies for deduction under section 80C.