How to transfer EPF automatically online while changing jobs


Earlier, withdrawing money from your EPF or transferring the amount in it to your new account was quite a lengthy process. With the introduction of the UAN (Unified Account Number), this process has got simpler and easier than before.

Now, when you change your jobs, you can transfer your EPF online automatically and sync it with that of your new employer, thanks to these easy steps:

  • Register yourself on the EPFO India website and log in to the same using your UAN and password.
  • Click on the “Online Services” tab and from the drop-down list, select the option, “Transfer Request” to initiate transfer of your EPF account online.
  • You will be directed to a screen that shows all details about your EPF account, date of opening the account, your date of birth, etc. You need to cross-check the authenticity of these details (Part A for personal details and Part B for your previous EPF balance and Part C for your current EPF account) if you want your online transfer process to go on smoothly without hassles.
  • Once the verification process is over, you will be directed to the page where the first step is to choose a previous employer or current employer (Choose the one through whom you want to attest your claim forms).
  • You will now have to select “Generate OTP.”
  • Enter the password that has been sent to your registered mobile number on your screen to submit your request for online transfer of your EPF account. You will now get a filled in form online (Form 13) that you need to sign and submit to your employer (current or previous as you have chosen earlier).
  • Ensure that you sign the form and submit it to your previous or current employer as soon as you find it online to prevent delays in your EPF transfers.
  • Your request for EPF online transfer would now be intimated to your employer, who will then proceed to check and verify your employment details. Once your details are checked, the employer will send the transfer request to the EPFO office in a digital form so that they can start to process the same.
  • This completes the online formalities for submitting your EPF transfer request.
  • You can track the status of your request on a regular basis by clicking on “Track Claim Status” that is one of the drop-down options under “Online Services.”

Some important points to remember

You can initiate an online request for transfer of EPFs only if:

  • Your PF numbers (of the present and previous employers) should be a part of the EPFO database
  • Digital signatures of your employer’s authorized signatories should be updated in the database
  • You might find that your claims may be rejected if your signatures mismatch, documents mismatch or if you exceed the 15-day window to submit your online claims
  • Even though you are eligible for online EPF transfers, you need to register yourself with the EPFO website with your UAN to be able to do so.

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