How to take loan against LIC Policy online?

Simple steps to take loan against your LIC policies


In addition to providing life cover, LIC insurance policies build cash value that you can borrow against it for meeting your immediate needs.

It is easier to get a loan against your LIC policies as they come at cheaper interest rates compared to other traditional loans.

The minimum repayment time is six months for these loans. Even if the principal is settled off within first few months, the interest for the period of six months will have to be paid.

Let’s look the steps to apply Loan against LIC Policy Online

LIC policy will allow for a loan upwards of 90% of the Surrender Value of the policy including cash value of the bonus. The surrender value is achieved after payment of 3 years of premium, so this loan can be availed only after that.

You can also apply for second loan against your single policy, provided that policy is of an increasing cover type that increases annually.

Earlier, you need to visit the LIC service branch to opt for LIC policy. But now, you can also use LIC online service to apply for loan against your LIC policy.

Let’s look the steps to apply loan against LIC Policy online

1. Visit LIC Website and click “Online Loan” under Online Services section.

2. In the next screen, you will find two options. One is for loan repayment/loan interest payment and Second option is for submitting Online Loan Request

3. Once you click “Through Customer Portal”, you will be redirected to a page – where you need use LIC login, password and date of birth for authentication. You must be a registered LIC customer to avail this option.

4. After successful login, the system will pick up your eligible policy for loan automatically.

5. Finally, you need to provide your Aadhaar and PAN number and click on proceed button to apply for the loan.

LIC will communicate your loan approval details on your registered email address and registered Mobile number.

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