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How to Register your EPF Grievances Online in EPFiGMS portal?


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Employees’ Provident Fund has a dedicated portal to register all your complaints related to EPF. An employee in India can register any question/issues in related to their EPF accounts like withdrawal, EPF transfer or complaint against their employer and many more. In this post, we will see how to register your EPF grievances online in EPFiGMS portal.

This website is connected to all regional PPF offices in India, hence any complaint or concern registered at this portal is communicated immediately to the concerned PF office immediately. Usually, your grievance will be solved within 3 to 30 days based on the nature of your complaint.

Who can register in EPFiGMS portal?

Grievances can be lodged by an Employee, Employer, EPS Pensioner and Others.

Using this portal, one can register the complaint, can upload related documents, can also send reminders on the complaint and finally, She/He can also check the complaint status online. There is also a facility to provide feedback on redress of your grievance.

What kind of complaint you can raise in EPFiGMS portal?

The complaint/concern should be related to the following categories listed below:

  • Withdrawal of EPF or Final Settlement
  • Transfer of PF accumulation
  • EPS: The scheme certificate
  • Issues related to PF balance
  • Insurance benefit payment
  • Misplacement of cheque or returned
  • Settlement of pension; and
  • Other issues

How to Register your EPF Grievances Online in EPFiGMS portal?

1. Visit the official EPFiGMS portal –

2. To register a grievance/concern, you need to click on the tab ‘Register Grievance’

3. Next, a new screen opens to select the appropriate Status like whether you are a – PF Member or EPF Pensioner or Employer or Others.

4. Once you select the Status, you need to update the relevant account number with security code. [screenshot provided below]

  • If you’re an employee, you need to provide the UAN number.
  • The employer needs to provide their establishment number
  • If you’re a Pensioner, you need to provide the PPO number.
  • Others to be selected only when you do not have your UAN/PPO Number/Establishment Number.

Once you click “get details”, you will get OTP to authenticate.

5. In the next page, you would see a detailed form to fill your EPF details and personal details. Provide your details here with correct PF number, your employer details etc.

6. In the final form, you need to provide your Grievance details like category and the clear description of your concern or issue.

That’s all, your query/concern in registered with EPF.

Once you submit this form, you will get a unique complaint number for your grievance. You can use this complaint number to check the status anytime using “View Status” tab in the same portal.

What next?

Once the complaint form is filled by the applicant and submitted online, it will be scrutinized and if it is found valid, the same is forwarded to the relevant PF office for resolution.

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