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How to merge multiple allotted EPF UAN?


This is a common question which arises among all the working employeesDon’t worry,

In this post, we try to answer the question

How to merge multiple allotted EPF UAN?


Before you begin reading, here are these simple abbreviations you need to keep in mind.

EPF – Employees Provident Fund.

EPFO –  Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation.

UAN – Universal Account Number.


So, What is an EPF UAN Number?

The EPF UAN number is given to all the PF subscribers by EPFO.

UAN is a 12 digit number assigned to an employee who’s being entitled to EPF.

An employee might have worked in many places and might have enrolled in many EPF accounts.

The Main concept behind UAN (Universal Account Number) is to connect all the EPF in one single Account. You can also check my another post on how to activate your UAN for the first time.


Advantages/Facilities of having a PF UAN

Having a UAN might be handy, Here’s why:

  • You can Download your PF passbook
  • Download UAN Card
  • List all your past PF accounts at one place
  • PF Transfer will be very easy
  • Can withdraw your EPF online
  • Can check your current PF Balance Instantly
  • Download The PF Account Statement

Few companies ask for UAN before joining, which you’ve to submit to the company. You can do it easily by Form-11 i.e. Declaration form.

You might wonder, If a person can have many EPFs, Can the person also have multiple UANs?

In a way, Yes!

It is completely possible for a person to have more than one UAN, But according to the regulations, It’s not allowed.


How are Multiple UANs Generated in the first place?

Whenever you begin working for a new company, The company opens another record for you, which means you will get an entirely new UAN. So, as a responsible employee, your duty is to inform your employer that you’re already having a UAN.

Sometimes, your previous employer does not update the your exit date from the job. In that case, after joining a new exployer, a new UAN will automatically gets generated.

Whatever the reason may be, it is your duty to deactivate/merge your UAN. 

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I have two UANs, How to merge two allotted UAN?

The Employee has to first report this to the current company he’s working with, then he/she has to approach EPFO by a simple e-mail (, by mentioning both the current UAN number and the past UAN number. After the verification process, the old UAN will be blocked and your current UAN will be kept ACTIVE. Finally, you need to submit a claim for transfer of funds to your new UAN/EPF account. You can also approach them via UAN toll free number: 1800-118-005 and UAN Helpdesk email ID:


We hope you found this post useful. In case you have any queries related to merging multiple UAN, feel free to ask your questions through the comment section below. 

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