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How to create an “online WILL” using EzeeWill in India


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A WILL is a legal declaration of a person about the distribution of his assets and properties to his/her family after his death. In this short post, we will see how to create an Online Will using EzeeWill.

Writing your will is one of the important aspects of your financial planning as it secures your finances and the future of your loved ones after you are gone.

Without a “will”, distribution of your wealth to your family can be delayed and sometimes stressful. A Will is the best way to ensure that your assets and properties to the beneficiaries, whom you desire the assets to be given.

Assets covered under the WILL?

All your movable and immovable assets including Fixed Deposits, Money in Bank Account, Securities, Real Estate, Bonds, Art, precious metals like gold, diamond Silver etc., Brands, digital assets like photographs, websites etc. and  your Intellectual Property Rights etc.

Simple steps to create an “online WILL” using EzeeWill in India

Online WILL is making your WILL online in a proper and secured manner. Online WILL provides digital data of all your assets, investments etc. to whom you wants to give after demise. One can easily edit and change the WILL accordingly without the hassle online.

Step 1: Visit the ezeewill website

Step 2: Click “Create a WILL” option and register your details to create a new account.

Step 3: Once account created, login using your USER ID and PASSWORD.

Step 4: Next, fill all the questionnaire provided.

Step 5: Review the details provided and click on Submit, or click edit details.

Step 6: Finally, make payment using Online / Offline options.

Once the payment is done, a panel of lawyers will prepare a draft WILL and send to you for your review and acceptance.

Once you accept the details in this Draft WILL, an execution version of the same will be delivered as Soft copy via email and Hard copy via Courier Service.

Finally, you need to register your WILL by obtaining the services from Warmond.

Important points to remember

  • One must have completed 18 years of age to write a WILL
  • He/She should have a sound mind
  • The names should be filled correctly
  • You can cancel online WILL any time.
  • There should be a minimum of two witnesses to the Will.
  • Signature is must, Will without signed is as good as no Will at all.

Note: EzeeWill online service is provided by NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) along with Warmond Trustees and Executors Pvt. Ltd. (Warmond). They also provide legal guidance to create a personalized will.

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