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How to check your tax refund status online


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Have you paid your tax more than your actual liability? If yes, then you can get a refund on your paid tax. In this post, we will see how to check your tax refund status online.

Before that, you must know when you are eligible for a tax refund in India

1. If the tax paid through self-assessment is higher than what one needed to pay after the regular assessment.

2. Tax deducted through TDS (Tax deducted at source) is greater than the actual liability.

3. If you had already paid your tax in a country having double taxation avoidance agreement with India and it is mistakenly deducted from your Indian accounts also.

4. If you are having income, on which you can claim your tax benefit.

5. If an assessee has undeclared investments which will give him/her a tax benefits during the assessment.

How to check your tax refund status online?

If you have filed your tax refund and you are eager to know about your refund status then here are the steps you need to perform to check your refund status online. The IT Department in India offers an online facility for tracking your Income Tax Refunds and its status.

Step 1: Log in to NSDL-TIN website.

Step 2: Enter the credentials such as your PAN number and the assessment year for which you want to claim your refund.

Once you have entered all the details, you may get any of the following messages flashing on your screen:-

1. Refund status – Expired

Once you have filed an application for your income tax return, then it is valid for a period of 90 days.  If no action is taken within this period or IT department failed to transfer funds in your account, then you may receive this message. In this case, you have to reapply for your refund.

2. Refund status – returned

If your Refund is sent through speed post and it returns back undelivered due to any reason. Then the amount is retained back at CMP Centre i.e. Cash Management Product Centre of IT department. If this message is flashed as your refund status then you have to reapply for your refund.

3. Refund Status – refund is processed through direct credit mode but failed

Flashing of this message as your refund status means that there might be a problem with your bank account. Any such thing will lead to failure of payment of refund in that account.  Therefore, while mentioning your account details in your refund form please make sure that:-

  • Your account should be in working condition.
  • It should not be a Fixed Deposit, Loan, or Public Provident Fund (PPF) account.
  • Holder should be a resident of India.

If you receive this message then reapply for your refund with another account, which fulfills all the criteria as given above.

4. Refund Status – processed through NECS/NEFT but failed to transfer funds.

If your refund status shows this message then you might have made mistakes during filling of your account details for the refund. All you need is to check your account details like account number, account description, and MICR/IFSC code, etc. For making, these changes you can either contact your Tax assessing officer or else you can login to your profile. After making the required changes you need to reapply for your refund request.

How to reapply for your tax refund

For this, you can visit your tax-assessing officer in case you have physically filled you refund request form earlier. While you can re-apply at the e-filling system of the income tax department in case of online filled Refund applications. For online filing of return application, you need to follow these steps:-

  • Login to the e-filling portal of the IT department by using your ID and Password.
  • Click on My Account section and select the “Refund Re-Issue” option there.
  • Enter your Central Pay Commission Communication Reference number and your Refund Sequence Number of the previous application.
  • Fill the required fields and click on reapply option.

1. When Refund Status is Paid, but the refund is not credited to your account.

This situation arises in case you have mentioned wrong account number during filling of refund form or if there is a delay in the processing of the payment by the bank. In such situations, you need to inquire at your Bank branch with your reference numbers provided at the TIN website. These reference numbers include your NEFT number, UTR number (Unique Transaction Reference) or the NECS (National Electronic Clearing Service) sequence number.

2. Refund Status – Amount is adjusted against your outstanding balance of the previous year.

If your refund status shows this message then can contact the Tax assessing officer of your ward (if you have filled physical refund form) or you can log in to the department’s website. After logging in with your credentials open helpdesk tab and select the ‘submit grievance’ option and then finally select CPC, which will show you grievance related to refund.

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