How to change your personal details in EPF UAN online


EPFO has recently launched an online facility for modifying the basic personal details for the EPF members.

Using this facility, any EPFO member can change/modify their Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Aadhaar Number online.

This option is available at EPFO UAN portal. All EPFO members can use this facility to change/modify their basic details here.

Even a small misspelled data in the EPF’s record during enrolment can result in rejection of a claim from EPF. It is very important to ensure that your personal details like Name, DOB and Gender are correct or it could add to the reasons for rejection of online claim form.

Here is how you can change or update your credentials in EPF account online

Step 1: Visit the EPFO UAN portal.

Step 2: Login with your credentials like UAN number, password and Captcha.

Step 3: In the UAN dashboard, click on ‘Manage’ menu on the top and then click on “MODIFY BASIC DETAILS”

Step 4: Enter/change the details here, like your Aadhaar, Name, DOB and Gender; and submit the request.

Once the request is raised in UAN portal, this will be forwarded to your Employer (you can choose current or previous employer). They can approve or reject the request online.

Once your employer approves this request, then request will go to EPFO Field Office where Section Supervisor, Dealing Assistant and then APFC/RPFC will reject or approve the same.

How to check the status of your EPF change request?

You can check the request status by clicking Manage -> Modify Basic Details under PENDING REQUEST.

If you want to delete this request, you can visit the UAN portal and click Manage -> Modify Basic Details -> Pending Requests and click the cross mark under Action column to complete the delete process.


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