Simple steps to change your EPF nomination in UAN online portal


Employee provident fund in India is compulsory deduction for salaried working in organizations that are registered under the Employees’ Provident fund. Every member should name a nominee(s) to receive the fund corpus in case he/she died prematurely. Thus keeping your nomination details up to date is necessary to avoid any legal problems to your dear ones in future.

EPF nomination in UAN portal

An EPF member can have more than one nominee; they can also have the option to fix the proportion for each nominee. Employee should update/change their nomination details immediately after their marriage.

Recent UAN number allow portability of PF accounts from one employer to another employer for withdrawal of EPF balance, nomination changes, checking your EPF balance etc. 

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How To Change EPF Nomination Online Through UAN

1. You must log in at

EPF Nomination Online

2. Member has to login with UAN (Universal Account Number) with password

EPF portal dashboard

3. Through the UAN dashboard, the facility to change your nomination details can be accessed from the link Edit Nomination Details under the tab profile -> edit nomination

EPF nomination screen

4. All fields namely UAN, Member ID, Establishment ID, Name, Date of Birth, Father/ Spouse name, Relationship, Date of Joining, Gender, Marital Status will be auto-populated from database and these fields are non-editable. Only editable fields on this page are Permanent Address and Present Address. To update any of these address click at the Update

EPF online nomination screen

5. On clicking the “UPDATE” button, the following screen will appear. Here family members’ details can be entered/edited.

EPF nomination

6. Family details would be prepopulated on the EPF/EDLI section, with option to edit/remove/add. You will get the option to assign the percentage of PF amount for each nominee. Total share for all the nominees in this section should add to 100%.

EPF/EDLI section

7. In next step, Pension Nominee details allowed only for those members who do not have family members. These members can nominate someone else to receive the pension amount after their death. Next, member needs to click “Nomination declaration check box” to generate the nomination pdf. Once checking the generated pdf option – click on “submit to employer for approval” button, the system automatically submit this form to the employer for his approval or rejection.

EPF Nomination declaration check box


Finally, you required to take printout and sign the generated PDF and submit this to your employer. They will verify the nomination details to approve or reject your nomination details.

If you have any doubts regarding Online EPF Nomination changes through UAN portal, kindly leave as comment. We would try our level best to address those.

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  1. vini gupta says

    Hi Need one advice please. My UAN shows my husbands name but his relationship as father. My claim was rejected saying that father name is not correct. Should I request for father name change or relationship change? My pan card has father name and aadhar has husband name. What should I do?

  2. Narasimha says URL is not ACCESSIBLE. Please suggest

  3. Deepak Gaur says

    In new portal NOMINATION feature is not there. What to do ? Shall I fill maual form 2 revised ?

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Yes Deepak, Currently online nomination facility is down/unavailable. But you can submit physical nomination form to your employer.

      Do remember there are three types of nomination forms:
      Form No.2: This is a common nomination form used for payment of fund amount to the nominees.
      Form No.11: This form is a member’s declaration of being employed in an organisation where both the Employees’ Family Pension Fund Scheme and Provident Fund are in force.
      Form No.9: This form is a declaration by an individual taking up work in a an organisation where the Employees’ Pension Scheme is applicable.

      1. Deepak Gaur says

        Thanks you very much! Ali. Form 2 is not available on Epfo website . Is EPFO changing nomination procedure? Please suggest from where to get in-force nomination form for manual filling. My establishment is of type exempted.(both EPF and EPS 95 scheme applicable)

      2. Mohammad Ali says

        Deepak, you can get the nomination form 2 from your employer.

  4. KAMAL SHARMA says


    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Hello Kamal,

      Before activating, you must get your UAN number from your employer.

      Simple steps to activate your UAN online:

      Step 1: Visit the website:
      Step 2: Enter your mobile number, UAN and EPF account details.
      Step 3: EPFO will send an authorization PIN to your mobile number, once you enter the aforesaid details.
      Step 4: Submit the PIN received in your mobile and activate UAN.
      Step 5: Generate your login ID and password to complete the registration process.

  5. SUJIT DAS says

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    My UAN NO IS 1003 6704 9164, Now i want to change my nominee name online, Thus requesting you kindly guide me for the same.

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      Hello Sujit, Use the below link to know the process flow for filing online nomination

  6. sourin dey says

    How to know my epf nominees name

    1. Mohammad Ali says

      To Check the EPF Nominees details, You have to visit the EPF office and have to submit a prescribed form. On submission of filled form, you will get a copy of your nomination form.