HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card Review, Benefits & Eligibility


If you prefer the idea of MoneyBack instead of Redeeming Points, then HDFC MoneyBack credit card is for you.

HDFC MoneyBack credit card review

This card has worldwide acceptance and HDFC bank has a good reputation for credit cards in India with lot of features.

With HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card, you’ll earn back a percentage of what you spend on retail purchases. Good thing about this card is that it’s easy to track on how much you’ve earned in rewards and what those rewards are worth.

Let’s check out the benefits and eligibility to get this card.

Eligibility for HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

The minimum age of ‘Salaried’ and ‘Self-Employed’ cardholder should be 21 and the maximum age of ‘Salaried’ and ‘Self-Employed’ cardholder should be 60 and 65 respectively.

Benefits of HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

1. Reward points: Earn 2 reward points for every Rs. 150 you spend on this card. Cash advance, any fees and other charges do not accumulate any reward points. Also, any transaction amount which is less than Rs. 150 will not accrue any points. Remember, all your reward points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation.

2. Double reward points: Reward points are double when you do online spending with this card. 100% more reward points are also offered on this card only on those online transactions which are classified under the ‘Online’ Merchant Category Code (MCC).

3. Redeem your reward points: The accumulated reward points can be redeemed to cashback at the rate of Rs. 20 for every 100 rewards points (effective from 15th August 2017). You can also redeem your Reward Points for exciting gifts and air miles at the applicable redemption rate from HDFC online rewards catalog.

4. Common benefits: While they aren’t exclusive to cash back cards, most of the credit cards offers a variety of benefits that include zero liability protection, Easy EMI, Instant loans etc.

Final thought

Well in this digital era, the credit cards are in the list of one’s Must Have. HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card is very well designed to meet the needs and offer great value to a large variety of credit card users in India. 

I would love to hear your views and reviews about HDFC MoneyBack. Let me know in the  below comments

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