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Is it a best online investment platform in India?


After almost 5 years of using to invest in mutual funds, let me share with you the most thorough review about their free investment platform. I started to invest in in the year of 2012 to cut down my income tax, my first mutual fund was in ELSS Mutual funds aimed to avail tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. My portfolio with FundsIndia is in balanced situation and I have gained decent money in last 4+ years. I had invested in 3 ELSS mutual funds to save tax and 2 mutual funds for other goals.

With, you can do the following things:
  • Invest in wide range of product and services like Mutual Funds, Equities, Saving Account and Corporate fixed deposit.
  • Quick and convenient online platform to build your wealth
  • Innovative Investment options like SIP with Insurance, Value-averaging Investment Plans (VIPs), Flexible Systematic Investment Plans etc.
  • Benefit from active monitoring of your Investment portfolio, trigger-based investing and instant portfolio reviews etc.
  • Easy, paperless, hassle-free sign up
  • With FundsIndia’s robo-advisory service Money Mitr, you can get instant fund recommendations that are personalized for you

Started in 2009 – now with more than 8 lakhs users, is an award winning and one of the top online Investment platform in India now. announced they had raised around $15 million in 3 rounds from 3 investors. FundsIndia recently won National Online Advisory Services Award 2016 from CNBCTV18.

They provide most of the Investment services as free of cost. The main advantage of is that they built their company from the ground up with technology and innovation at its core. As a result, using technology powered online advisory services to meet ever changing consumer demands.


1) Simple and stress free investment platform: Keeping all your investments in one place is a stress free practice. Now just log into to see how all your investments is doing in one place. It’s very important to have all-inclusive view of your overall financial health so you know where to allocate your hard earned money.

2) Free of cost: FundIndia’s mutual fund investment account is free for life. They do not have any charges to invest in mutual funds and their revenue is from the commission they receive from Mutual Fund AMCs.

3) Super Saving Account: FundsIndia Super Savings Account is a new age mutual fund which offers customers the flexibility of a savings account with the growth advantage of a mutual fund to make sure both earn and save your money at the same time. The main advantage of Super Savings Account is it gives higher returns compared to the normal bank savings account with the flexibility of quick redeem and instant withdrawal from an ATM with free debit card. This Account invests your money in Reliance Money Manager Fund.

4) SIP with Insurance: FundsIndia offers “SIP with Insurance” scheme in selected mutual funds. “SIP with Insurance” will provide a term insurance cover of 10 times the monthly Mutual Fund SIP installment during the first year. The insurance cover will increase to 50 times during second year and 100 times from the third year onwards. Maximum insurance cover from Reliance Mutual Fund is 25 lakhs and from Birla Mutual Fund is 20 lakhs.

5) Free automated investment advisory service: FundIndia’s “Money Mitr” is a revolutionary Mutual Fund robo-advisor to provide high-quality, personalized advice and an online investment portfolio in a matter of minutes. Money Mitr tracks your investments and provides personalized recommendation and changes to keep you on right track.

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