Format of EPF Account Number in India

The typical EPF account number is given below

Example 1: KN/KRP/0054055/0000250

Example 2: KN/KRP/0054055/000/0000250

Format of EPF Account Number

EPF number contains both the alphabets and numbers. Every part of EPF number is separated by the slash( / ).

Format of EPF account number:

KN = First two characters represents Regional Office code (In this case it is Karnataka Region)

KRP = Next three characters represents Regional Office / Sub-regional Office code (In this case, KRP stands for K.R.Puram and this account is under the K.R.Puram EPF office)

0054055 = Next seven digits represents Establishment/employer PF registration code

000 = Next three digits number represents any extension assigned to establishment or employer (00A, 00B, 00C or three zero’s if extension is blank).

0000250 = The last 7 digit represents actual EPF account number assigned to the employee.

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