How to earn money by watching ads on Keettoo app


Keettoo keyboard app is a first of a kind cash earning mobile app in android, where the users earn cash to watch PUSH notification ads.

keettoo app review

Keettoo App provides a precise and highly targeted advertising to the users rather than getting annoying and irrelevant Ads and also offers direct monetary benefits to the users.

How Keettoo App works:

Keettoo Keyboard is a simple and intelligent keyboard app which enables its users to discover precise advertisements & services based on their chat on any communication medium on their Andriod mobile phone.

Step 1. Download Keettoo app from Google play

Step 2. Enable Keettoo keyboard app as your default keyboard

Keettoo Keyboard appStep 3. Start typing using Keettoo keyboard on all your communication in your mobile and relevant products appear instantly

Keettoo keyboard

Step 4. During your communication keep an eye on the blinking K on the keyboard which gives relevant products and services to the users.

Keettoo Keyboard App

Step 5. Finally, tap on any thumbnail to open the relevant media/advertisement to watch the product/Advertisement to earn cash

How to redeem the cash in Keettoo Keyboard app:

You can redeem the cash by creating wallet in Paytm and MobiKwik

You can redeem the cash by creating wallent in Paytm and MobiKwik

Advantage of Keettoo Keyboard app:

Every possible product and service is offered to its users during the normal chat, which can be seen purely at the “will” of the user.

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