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Simple steps to Generate your Aadhaar Virtual ID

Aadhaar Virtual ID is an user-generated temporary 16-digit random number that can be used for authentication along with fingerprint instead of actual Aadhaar number. This temporary 16-digit number will be valid for a certain period of time. In this post, we will see simple steps to generate your Aadhaar Virtual ID. The main aim of Aadhaar Virtual ID is to protect the privacy of the Aadhaar holder like his/her personal data including the demographic and biometric information mentioned on the actual Aadhaar card.

How to Remove your Aadhaar number from Paytm wallet?

How to remove your Aadhaar number from Paytm wallet and other Digital Wallets? Recently Supreme Court has declared that Aadhaar not required for opening any bank accounts, or for getting mobile phone connections, or admission to schools, etc. So now that Aadhaar is not mandatory for any digital wallets in India, we explain step by step guide to unlink/remove your existing Aadhaar from Digital Wallets like Paytm. Also Read: How To Open PPF Account In Axis Bank: Features, Eligibility & Withdrawal How to remove

How to Link Aadhaar with India Post Bank Account

Aadhaar has become one of the most important documents these days which serves as a valid proof of address and identity when opening a bank account; it is required for all kinds of financial transactions and when availing the LPG subsidy and for PF disbursement and pension schemes etc. too. Keeping in mind the increased use of Aadhaar card, the Government of India has made it mandatory for people to link Aadhaar card with their bank accounts, PAN card and India post bank savings accounts that further include your Post…