5 Best Free Tax Filing Websites in India


Tax filing is a key practice for income tax payers as there are numerous benefits attached to it. Having a proof of your tax filing will come in handy when you are planning to apply Visa, Home Loan, or to get tax refunds and to avoid paying tax penalties. Tax filing is compulsory only if your annual income exceeding the minimum exempted limit.

It is always an easier option to e-file and e-verify your returns as it safer, quick and more convenient. 

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Even if there is no tax dues with salaried individuals where TDS gets deducted on each month, Still the filing is compulsory. 

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There are lots of good options available to file tax returns in India; here are my list of 5 websites to easily file your income tax returns online.  


Incometaxindiaefiling website offers tax related services by the Income Tax Department, Government of India. This is free of cost for all tax payers in India and no matter which form one uses to upload their returns. The online e-filing system is easy to use with 5-6 pages to fill and it offers flexibility to file your income tax returns from anywhere and anytime.

Apart from this, you can find information about various online services such as status of your tax refund, ITR-V receipt status, PAN details, TAN details, CPC refund failure status, digital signature, etc. On this website, the ITR forms are available in two formats: Excel and Java mode.

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Apart from Govt’s Income Tax department website, there are many private tax filing websites, which are registered to enable e-filing process through their websites. Main advantage of these websites is they offers free basic e-filing services and they charge for the more complex tax filings service at moderate rate.


ClearTax is one of the famous tax filing website in India as it provides nice and simple interface and most importantly it is very easy to use.  The moment you enter the ClearTax website, you will see two buttons – Left side [Start Your Tax Returns Now] button that lets you to manually e-file your tax return by filing all details.  Right side [Upload your Form-16 Now] button allows you to upload your Form-16 PDF and it will fill your details automatically to prepare your income tax returns. Once uploaded Form 16 PDF, you need to just double check the data, enter any missing data like any other income received etc, finally pay taxes (if any) and file your returns.

For those who need a CA assistance to file their returns, Cleartax offers Expert-assisted e-filing starting from Rs. 499.


TaxSmile established in 2007 and now it ranks among the top 5 eRIs in India. Taxsmile.com offers online tax services to individual taxpayers, businesses, professionals and income earned outside India. Taxsmile offers a dedicated support helpline to its users and also offers free e-filing for those with net taxable income of upto Rs. 5 lakhs.  


Similar to ClearTax platform, HRBlock website reads your Form 16 and pre-fills your form fields automatically to save your valuable time. HRBlock also offers chat and call support throughout the e-filing process. It also provides other paid services like Expert online tax preparation, In person tax e-filing, NRI Tax e-filing etc. The self e-filing services are completely free here. Apart from that, they have 3 plans: Basic (Rs. 499), Medium (Rs. 799) and Complex (Rs. 1,499) for tax filing assistance services. 


They have unique questionnaire model to understand the exact scenario of the tax payer. This is simple questionnaire with Yes or No model, using those answers they automatically show only concerned Forms and Fields that the tax payer has to fill. Apart from website e-filing service, it also offers MyITreturn mobile app to easily file your income tax returns on the go. This App helps you to quickly calculate your Income tax, to check the status of your e-filed Income-tax return, to see the status of your income tax refund etc.


Hope you find above information useful. Do share your views below.

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