How to get PRAN card?

Everything about PRAN – changes in PRAN, how to get duplicate PRAN?

PRAN stands for Permanent Retirement Account Number.  The application form for PRAN registration is available on the NSDL website and POP-SP – which you will need to fill up with photograph, signature, mandatory details etc and also you need to submit KYC with respect to proof of identity and proof of address. The application form and KYC documents needs to be submitted to your nearest POP-SP. PRAN card will be sent to your registered address by CRA (Central Record Keeping Agency).

Once you submit your PRAN application, POP-SP shall provide you a receipt number and you can easily track your application status with this link:

How to make changes in PRAN?

Tier 1 account holders can update/change his/her details using CRA system by submitting following forms:

Form S2: Request to change in personal or nomination details.

Form S2: Request for re-issue of T-PIN/I-PIN or Reprint of PRAN card.

Form S3: Request for change in Scheme Switch or Scheme Preference.

Form S7:  Request for change in photograph or your signature.

Tier 2 account holders can update/change any details in PRAN card by submitting the request to the respective POP-SP.

How to check the status of your change request?

Subscriber can check the status of the change request by calling to CRA’s toll free number 1800 222 080 or can contact their PAO and also can login to using the I-PIN to check the change status.

How to get a duplicate PRAN card?

The subscriber can apply for a duplicate PRAN card in case of loss or damage. He/She needs to submit a duly filled FORM S2 to the respective DDO. Once your form verified by PAO, they will enter and authorize the request in the CRA system. A fresh PRAN Card will be printed and sent to respective nodal office for distribution to the account subscribers.

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