The EPFO or Employee Provident Fund Organization has made some of the major changes in its process to help staff better manage their contributions in the form of provident fund.

Unique Account Number (UAN) is flagship system introduced by EPFO to enable employees manage their PF accounts easily. When an employee switches from an existing to new organization, their EPF number is also changed.

This way, an employee might get multiple PF accounts. When it comes to withdraw PF balance from previous employer, he/she has to apply at each of his employer separately to withdraw or transfer his PF balance. The process needs a lot of paperwork and they have to contact previous employers in person. Managing and transferring EPF involves a lot of headache. Hence, EPFO India has launched the UAN which remains the same throughout the lifetime.

What is UAN?

New UAN  website launched on Jan 1st 2017

EPFO India assigns a unique 12-digit account number to each employee. It serves as an identity of an employee till their retirement. To generate this number, employee should be EPFO registered and contribute to EPF account. UAN can be linked to several PF account numbers allotted to each employee by various organizations under one account. If an employee is registered and has UAN number, he has to provide it when joining another organization.

How to Get UAN?

If an employee contributes to their Employee Provident Fund account, they can get UAN. Each EPF member is eligible to get Universal Account Number and enjoy several facilities. This number will be given by your employer and mentioned in your pay slip. You can also get your UAN by contacting your employer sent by EPFO. In case you don’t have UAN still, follow this process –

After entering all the details, click “Check Status” button. It will instantly show your UAN status. If your “UAN is Activated”, connect your employer with its screenshot.

How to Activate Your UAN?

You can visit UAN Member Portal to access your UAN. First of all, click on the link “Activate Your UAN” to activate it. Keep your mobile number, member ID and UAN handy to login. You will get your UAN from your company. Follow these steps for UAN Activation –

  • Click this link
  • Enter your UAN, EPF account details and mobile number
  • You will get an authorization PIN from EPFO to your mobile, after entering the details
  • Submit the PIN on your mobile to activate UAN
  • Generate login and password to finish the registration process.

Documents Required to Link Member ID to UAN in New Organization

In your new organization, you have to submit these documents –

  • Last date of working in your previous company
  • Any KYC document
  • Bank details, such as Account Number, Branch Name and IFSC code
  • UAN given by previous employer

KYC Documents for UAN

The following documents serve as KYC documents –

  • Driving License
  • Bank Account Number
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • ESIC Card
  • Ration Card

Why Complete KYC Process in UAN?

These are the benefits for those employees who have completed their KYC process and uploaded their documents successfully –

  • Stress-free PF withdrawal
  • Easy PF funds transfer
  • SMS notification of PF deduction every month
  • Transparency in Provident Fund accounts

Why an Employee Should Use UAN?

All the Provident Fund accounts will have one single UAN to make PF transfer as smooth as possible. Here are the benefits of UAN for an employee –

  • Employees can view, withdraw and transfer EPF balance smoothly. In addition, they can also update KYC documents, transfer claim status, and download UAN card.
  • Smooth and stress-free PF balance transfer process, even though you change jobs. UAN will still remain the same throughout your career.
  • Makes direct contact between employees and EPFO. Employee has no need to rely on his employer for PF balance withdrawal/transfer.
  • SMS notification on PF withdrawal/deposit. When a PF is deposited by an employer, you will get SMS notification every month. So, you can keep track on your PF deduction.
  • You can easily apply for online fund transfer with a UAN.
  • EPF withdrawal and transfer can easily be done in less time if you have UAN.

If you have any doubts regarding UAN, kindly leave your comments. We would try our level best to address those.

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