Everything about EPF Form 11 in India


EPF Form 11 is a mandatory declaration form for an employee while joining in an organization.

New EPF form 11

When you take up new employment in an organization in India – you suppose to submit an EPF Form 11 to your employer. This EPF Form 11 contains basic information regarding an employee personal details including declaring whether he/she is already a member of EPF or not. Any employee with a salary above Rs 6,500 per month from an organization which is registered under EPF Scheme must need to fill this EPF form 11.

EPF Form 11 requires employees to fill the following information:

1) Name of employee

2) Date of Birth

3) Father’s/Husband’s name

4) Gender

5) Marital status

6) Mobile number

7) Email ID

8) Whether earlier a member of the employees’ provident fund scheme, 1952 or a member of the employees’ pension scheme, 1995?

9) Previous employment details including UAN or PF member ID, last working day and scheme certificate number

10) Educational credentials

11) KYC details including bank account number, Driving license/Aadhaar card, etc.

12) Additionally, foreign employee needs to mention his/her Passport number

13) Employee signature, date and place

In the final part of the declaration, the Employer must provide certain information like

1) Employee joining date

2) Assigned Provident Fund ID

3) UAN number of the employee

4) Details regarding whether KYC credentials of employee are verified or not

5) Finally, Employer Signature and seal

EPF: Important things to remember

1. EPF Form 11 also acts as a PF transfer request by which employee old PF account balances and service details are transferred to the new account

2. Employees are eligible for PF membership on the day of joining an organization.

3. He/She is eligible for provident funds, insurance and pension.

4. Organizations with 20 or more employees have to provide PF to their employees.

5. EPF funds can be withdrawn in certain critical times such as medical emergencies, housing, marriage and education.

If you have any doubts regarding EPF Form 11, kindly leave as comments. We would try our level best to address those.

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  1. kalpesh Yadav says

    Is employer check the details of employee through form 11 I.e. Date of leaving previous employment, pf amount and other details.